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Business Kazakhstan - Articles published in the newspaper are related to the economy, providing analysis of the situation in a certain sphere. Attention is paid to articles on the economic activity not only in the world but also in the regions of the country.

Business Kazakhstan is interesting for directors of companies, representatives of financial activity and banks, for entrepreneurs and students. It is noted that among the BK’s audience there are a lot of companies’ employees with higher education on positions of the medium and top management with the income higher than average who pay attention to the living standards dependent on the economic development of the country in the whole.



FREQUENCY:  Every Friday

PRINT CIRCULATION APPROX: 23,500 copies weekly


  • Public officials

  • Diplomatic servants

  • Top managers

  • Specialists of all ranges

  • Private entrepreneurs

  • Farmers

  • Teachers and students

  • Retired employees

  • Representatives of foreign business groups working in Kazakhstan

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