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EXPRESSEN.SE - ONE OF THE LARGEST ONLINE NEWSPAPERS IN SWEDEN WITH APPROX. 7.696 MILLION UNIQUE VISITORS PER WEEK, FROM A POPULATION OF AROUND 9.7 MILLION. is one of the largest sites in Sweden focusing at news, entertainment and sport. The visitors represent an average of the Swedish population regarding gender, age, income, residence and education. is the digital version of the Expressen print newspaper in Sweden. provides online advertisers with an excellent editorial environment to reach an audience of upper and middle class professionals with 33% aged 20-35 and 37% aged 36-50 years old.

Unique visitors / week: 3.176,492
Visits / week: 9.884,432
Side impressions: 34.340,807

16-29: 21%
29-49: 39%
50-69: 34%

Gender: men 57 % / female 43 %

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