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GÖTEBORGS POSTEN -  published 7 days a week with the best Local News, Reports and Tips. It also means that Göteborgs Posten are, of course, eager to play a part in major events held in Gothenburg and to give our readers even more of what we’re best at: being a world-class local.

FREQUENCY: 7 days a week



GENDER: men 50 % / female 50 %


16-24: 10%
25-34: 10%
35-49: 15%
50-64: 20%
65-80: 27%


Två Dagar: Weekend supplement
Every Saturday we publish one of our best-loved, most widely read supplements with content that lasts all weekend. It contains articles on interesting people, travel articles, fashion, food articles and wine tests.

GP Bostad: Real estate supplement
GP Bostad is our supplement filled with real estates and everything that involves home and decorating. It is an appreciated supplement for those interested in real estate, whether they want to get tips on how to update their current living situation or to completely change it. GP Bostad is published every monday.

GP Ekonomi: Economy supplement
Every Sunday we give our readers GP Ekonomi. The supplement focuses on the companies and the key personalities behind them and their success and presents a short but efficient overview of the week that has past. Content and adverts that have been placed in our former supplement Jobs & Education is placed in GP Ekonomi.

Tv-tider: TV programme guide
Every Sunday we publish a supplement full of TV and radio listings for the next week. A presentation of upcoming programmes, with tips on what is worth viewing. This is a supplement that people keep.

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